DE92/2K Riveting Machine

DE92/2K Riveting Machine
Fully automatic button puncher (general purpose) servo motor
Applicable to all kinds of five-claw buttons, jeans buttons, I-buttons, metal four-buttons, plastic four-button big white buttons, sewing buttons, trousers buttons, collision nails, chicken eyes, buttons and other button products binding.
Put the button into the corresponding two hoppers, turn the hopper automatically, fill the track automatically, and send the button to the upper and lower dies automatically. Servo motor drive, as long as the ankle foot switch can bind freely, simple and easy to use. The upper and lower dies move in opposite direction, and wear well. Replacing accessories can bind other buttons.
Servo motor drive, PLC control, assembly of advanced anti-hitting hand induction device, machine operation, such as finger under the mold, the machine will sense the finger, immediately stop and automatically restore to the stop position, will not crush the finger.
To configure
1. Electronic Safety Anti-hitting Device with CE Certification
2. Button automatic supply device (no manual button, safe).
3. Pressure Buffer Auto-regulator for Installation (No Adjustment for Cloth Thickness)
4. Automatic counter
5. Laser lamp alignment device with adjustable brightness
6. Selection of two nailing modes: continuous and singles
7. Selection of two operation modes: automatic and manual
8. Adjustable positioning plate (five-claw clasp, four-clasp clasp is applicable)
9. Equipped with horizontal casters for easy movement, fixing and adjustment
10. Left foot pedal fitted with ergonomics
11. Servo motor with adjustable speed and constant torque
12. Adjustable Binding Speed
13. The running time of feeding motor can be adjusted.
Security Anti-Fighter Function with EU CE Security Certification
technical parameter
Driving mode: Servo motor
Maximum power: 0.75KW
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Speed: 200 times per minute/min
Laryngeal depth: 50mm
Laryngeal height: 18mm
Operating Height: 880 mm
Weight: 110 kg
Dimension WxDxH: 500x500 x 1300mm





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